Entry #4

Making a collab

2014-08-14 00:35:14 by Robotrichie999

Did you see the Goal! (Mario) animation? It's my first COMPLETE animation, so give it a look and some constructive criticism. Plus, join my collab, so we can do this is a "better" matter. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1372636


Here's the collabs I want to do in 1-2 years,

1. Goal! (Mario) Collab

2. Goal! (Sonic) Collab

3. Goal! (Megaman) Collab

4. Goal! (Kirby) Collab

5. Goal! (Link) Collab


Not all will be on newgrounds at once, but the collab topic is where you could add ANY submissions from all of these collabs.


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